justice-servicesCatholic Charities Justice Services (CCJS) coordinator Bob Buckham, at the Archdiocese of Vancouver, provides prison ministry programming in collaboration with Prison Chaplains for offenders in our prisons.

Many volunteers from our visit to offenders inside the prison and support to released offenders through community support groups.

Our volunteers are committed to ministering to help our brothers and sisters to “redeem, restore and reconcile” their lives. Watch this video to hear testimony from a released offender, volunteer and previous coordinator of Prison Ministry Maureen Donegan.

To learn more about Prison Ministry, please contact Bob Buckham 604-226-6964.

To download a brochure, click herepdf


Catholic Charities Justice Services of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver builds an educated Christ-centred community that upholds the dignity of every human person touched by crime.


Serve together to rediscover the fullness of God’s love and image in each other through:

  • Inspired Worship and Program
  • Meaningful Visitation and Enhanced Volunteer Presence
  • Effective Support Groups
  • Education for Study/Teaching
  • Supportive Re-integration
  • Promote and Advocate Restorative Justice

Archbishop J. Michael Miller’s Priorities for prison ministry

  1. Extended Pastoral Care – to victims, offenders and the families of both in our parishes
  2. Work with Media – work with media to tell stories which portray successful efforts of rehabilitation and restoration
  3. Foster Education – in our schools and parishes – for better understanding of our Church’s social teaching principles
  4. Address Public Policy Issues – become involved in civil society and advocate for policies that reflect Christian truth and values
  5. Extend Prison Ministry to Families of Offenders and Victims – extend our reach to those who are victims of crime and their loved ones in our parishes

Prisons Chaplains

In Canada, individuals sentenced to a prison term of two years or more serve their time at federal facilities. Of the nine (9) federal prisons in the Pacific Region of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), eight (8) are located within the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Learn more about the Prison Chaplains.

Catholic Social Teaching (CST)

CST is the foundation of our work in Prison Ministry. To learn more about CST, please feel free to download a presentation by Dr. Christine Jones, President of Catholic Redeemer College.

Read about Sister Antonia Brenner, the ‘Prison Angel’.

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