Support Services

Parish Information Session


The Parish Information Session is the first step in a parish’s development of its youth ministry. The purpose of the session is to give the pastor and those persons who assist him in parish leadership the information necessary for the parish to make decisions regarding developing its own youth ministry.

The session lasts 60 – 90 minutes, and covers topics such as the definition of youth ministry, principles of effective parish youth ministry, and using youth ministry to meet the needs of young people.


Consultant Visits


The Ministries and Outreach Office staff visits parishes and meets with parish youth ministry leadership for the purpose of consultation, evaluation, and strategizing the development of the parish’s youth ministry.

Staff members are available to:

  • Assist with program evaluation
  • Provide ministry resource options
  • Aid ministry teams to promote Comprehensive Framework for Youth Ministry



The Ministries and Outreach Office provides specialized, parish-specific training for parish youth ministry leadership. Some topics include:

  • Introduction to Program Development
  • Parish Ministry Assessment Surveys
  • Discovering the Qualities of Christian Leaders
  • How to Accompany Youth (journeying with young people)
  • How to Run a Youth Gathering


Staff members will visit your parish to conduct an In-Service and are able to develop sessions specific to your parish youth ministry.




We welcome you to view and review specific resources before purchasing them for your parish youth ministry.

Visit us at the Ministries and Outreach Office at the John Paul II Pastoral Centre during office hours to view our resources.

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