The Ministries and Outreach Office is pleased to offer two Youth Ministry Leadership Bursaries for students exemplifying outstanding leadership in their parishes, schools, communities, and homes.

Open to students finishing their grade 12 year, applicants will be eligible to win one of two $500 bursaries to be applied to post-secondary schooling.


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Winners of the 2019 Youth Ministry Leadership Bursary:


Click on each name to learn more about them.

Past winners include:

Tiarra Badlis 2018
Clare Douglas 2018
Roisin Castellon 2017
Eleanor Wong 2017
Mary Clarin 2016
Amy Wack 2016
Brandon Furtado 2015
Lily Moric 2015
Heidi Bouwman 2014
Marissa Woods 2014
Matthew Furtado 2013
Daniel Curalli 2013
Samantha Balenzano 2012
Cio Ellorin 2012
Stephanie Da Silva 2011
Frederina Ho 2011
Mavic Ellorin 2010
John Rotor-Murphy 2010
Christina Potusek 2009
Emily Ryan 2009
Celina Fader 2008
Luc Gloanec 2008
Christina Cichos 2007
Lilia Gloria 2007



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