Wildfires Relief for Whitehorse Diocese

In the News

  • Whitehorse cathedral donating collection to fire victims (Aug. 23, 2018) By the time the B.C. government announced a province-wide state of emergency Aug. 15, the entire town of Telegraph Creek had been evacuated and residents were reeling after the losses of their homes and of St. Theresa’s mission church and rectory. Read more on bccatholic.ca.
  • Northern B.C. residents ‘broken’ as wildfire consumes homes, church (Aug. 10, 2018) | Catholics in the Diocese of Whitehorse are asking for help after a devastating wildfire in Telegraph Creek destroyed a mission church, rectory, and many homes. Read more on bccatholic.ca.

St. Theresa’s Mission church in Telegraph Creek before and after the fire

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