To gather parish based ministries, outside agencies and interested persons in solidarity with the focus on supporting temporary foreign workers.


Our missionary mandate is to establish an archdiocesan pastoral care program which complements the parish based ministries to better support temporary foreign workers in our archdiocese.

Goals of our Ministry

  • ŸProvide assistance with the recruitment, instruction and training of parishioners for pastoral care ministry.
  • ŸWork towards growing the network of parish based pastoral care groups such as Handmaids and St Mary’s Ministry.
  • ŸProvide resources, conferences, workshops, and spiritual retreats such as the Way of the Cross for Migrants.

Facts about Temporary Foreign workers

  • Government sponsored program.
  • Caregivers are “professional trained skilled workers” while nannies are considered “unskilled workers.”
  • They are typically young women with families.
  • Will very quickly connect to a network of other workers so they can feel less alone.
  • Want to belong to a parish community and will gather on Sunday’s with their sisters and brothers for mass and fellowship.
  • Have a need to improve their English skills.
  • Need to become more aware of their human rights enunciated through the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights, and the Canadian regulations for caregivers and their employers.
  • Are concerned about wages, hours, working conditions and environment, duties, and, worst of all abuse from employers (verbal, non-verbal, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, financial)
  • Need special counseling to help them with enhancement of self-esteem and assertiveness training.
  • Are reluctant to liberate themselves from poor working conditions because the process time for work permits takes so long, and because they have families back home whom they are trying to support and would allow the abuses rather than lose their employment.

Leadership Team

 For more information about the Temporary Foreign Worker Ministry, please contact Evelyn Vollet, Director of Office of Service and Justice.



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