Second Hand Stores

Second-hand and consignment stores sell used clothing, furniture and other household items, usually very cheaply. Sometimes you can bargain to bring down the price. If you are just starting out, this is usually a good way to find things that you need to get by.

Quest Foods

Quality food may be difficult to come across, when first getting started. QUEST Food Exchange is BC’s largest non-for-profit exchange program, offering access to affordable and healthy food choices to those who face challenges in obtaining this necessity.

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To be eligible to take part in QUEST’s services; you need complete Client Referral Form. You can either do this yourself, or get a social service agency to fill one out for you, on your behalf. The form takes two business days to process. After that, you can visit any location obtain your card. In order to obtain your card you will need to present a photo ID. The card is valid for one year from the date it is issued and can only be used by the individual whose name is indicated on the card.

For more information visit the QUEST Food Exchange

Surrey Food Bank

The Surrey Food Bank has created a specialized program in which registered clients may visit and receive a hamper every 14 days. These hampers are based on the size of the household and a supplementary hamper is provided with enough food to last three to four days.

Registration Requirements
In order to be eligible you need to be a resident and live north or 40 Avenue in Surrey, North Delta or Cloverdale.

You must book an appointment to register the first time you come. Please contact their office at 604-581-5443 for an appointment time.

To register each adult in the household will need:
1. Picture ID: This is an official government issued identification, such as a drivers license, passport, status card or landed immigrant card.
2. Proof of Address: You must be able to prove that you live in either Surrey or North Delta with an official piece of mail with your name and address on it.
3. Proof of Low Income: Every adult receiving any source of income in your household must provide a copy of a recent cheque stub, EI cheque, salary slip or a recent Accommodations and Allowance print out from the Social Assistance office which will confirm income and address.
4. Proof of Dependants: You must provide the physical Care Cards for each person in your household.

For more information visit the Surrey Food Bank

Social Customs

Customs, behaviors and values may be different in Vancouver and seem a bit strange. If you feel confused or embarrassed, don’t worry about it. Observe how people behave together. The more you observe, the more accustomed you’ll become.

Canadian society may have different values. Canada’s society is multicultural. By law, you have to respect other people’s lifestyles, beliefs, religion and culture and they have to respect yours.

Most of the time, Canadians are easy-going, informal and polite. Usually people call each other by their first names. But this changes with the social situation. You should call your employers, clients or doctors by their title, unless you know that they prefer being on a first-name basis. If you are not sure, it is okay to ask them.

Canadians usually respect privacy. You should not ask personal questions about how much money someone makes, who they live with, what their religion is, what their sexual orientation is or what property they own, unless you are getting to know them well. These things depend on the social situation as well as individual differences. Try to learn more about Canadian social customs. Communicate and make friends. When you are not sure, ask friends, neighbours and people at work. You can also talk to the people at your settlement agency if you have any questions.


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