The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a 9 unique digit number and is something that all sponsored refugees qualifies for upon arriving in Canada. You will need your SIN as soon as possible in order to open up a bank account, find employment, access some government programs, apply for student loans and pay taxes.

Shortly after arriving in Canada, you should apply for your SIN at the nearest Service Canada office.  There is no need to make an appointment. Each person needs to apply for his or her own SIN.

When visiting the Service Canada office the following documents will be needed:

  1. Primary document: an official document that proves your identity and your status as a sponsored refugee.  These documents must be the original.
    1. This is a Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residency.  Most sponsored refugees receive these documents at the Port of Entry.
    2. Visa Counterfoil which is affixed to a passport or a single travel document
  2. Supporting Document:  The supporting document is only required if there is a difference in the names on your primary documents. The supporting document must have your current legal name.  The document must be original and can include any of the following:
    1. Certificate of Marriage
    2. Request to Amend Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

If you are not able to visit a Service Canada office, an application can be submitted by mail.  A current application form can be downloaded from the Service Canada website and must be sent in with the original supporting documents to the address below.

Service Canada
Social Insurance Registration Office
PO Box 7000
Bathurst NB E2A 4T1

For more information visit Service Canada or call 1-800-622-6232.






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