Salvatorians (SDS)

Holy Cross Parish
Holy Rosary Cathedral

The Society of the Divine Savior, popularly known as the Salvatorians, is an international, religious, congregation of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church, founded in Rome, December 8, 1881, by the Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan.

“The purpose of the Society is to strengthen, to defend and to spread the Catholic faith everywhere in so far as this is committed to it by Divine Providence. Therefore, by exercising this ecclesiastical teaching function in word and writing, it intends to achieve the end that all people might know more and more the one true God and Him whom He sent, Jesus Christ.” – Rule from 1882

For more information contact:

Holy Cross Parish
1450 Delta Ave.
Burnaby BC V5B 3G2
Phone: 604 299 3814
Fax: 604 299 3824

Holy Rosary Cathedral
646 Richards Street
Vancouver BC V6B 3A3
Phone: 604 682 6774
Fax: 604 331 8406

More information is available here.

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