Court’s ruling ‘acknowledges and respects’ religious freedom

Miller-image-01-thumbI’m very pleased with the decision from the B.C. Court of Appeal upholding Trinity Western University’s religious rights. It acknowledges and respects the right to freedom of religion, which is the first freedom guaranteed by in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As the court said, “A society that does not admit of and accommodate differences cannot be a free and democratic society – one in which its citizens are free to think, to disagree, to debate and to challenge the accepted view without fear of reprisal.”

In the Loyola High School case, the Supreme Court of Canada wrote, “Ultimately, measures which undermine the character of lawful religious institutions and disrupt the vitality of religious communities represent a profound interference with religious freedom.”

Indeed, Canada’s social and legal tradition is based on balancing competing rights, rather than setting one against the other. The B.C. Court of Appeal ruling is consistent with our longstanding tradition.



+Archbishop J. Michael Miller



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