February 25, 2020

The distressing news we received on the weekend is extraordinarily painful and disturbing, and for many, especially victims/survivors of clerical sexual abuse, it means re-experiencing the pain and disillusionment they have suffered.

We honour L’Arche International for its decision to initiate an independent inquiry to discern the truth of the allegations against Jean Vanier, and our hearts go out to the women who had the courage to come forward. We hope this formal acknowledgement by L’Arche helps to address their wounds and assist them in their healing – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

L’Arche Greater Vancouver has been serving people with developmental disabilities in our community  for more than 45 years. L’Arche’s unique gift transforms us and makes us more ready to respond to those in need. This remains true today, and our commitment to L’Arche will not change because its ministry is a blessing to all of us.

As we begin the season of Lent, we invoke God’s sustaining grace and pray for all those who have suffered from abuse. Let us also recall the words of St. Paul, who in the midst of suffering wrote so wisely, “We do not lose heart” (2 Cor 4:1).

We trust in the Lord and pray for our L’Arche communities that continue to model Christ’s Gospel message of love to those who are among the most vulnerable among us.

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

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