‘A residence or hospital has the right to reject procedures
which contradict or go against its code of ethics’.

VANCOUVER, Jan. 10, 2018 – Archbishop Miller today released the following statement on the assisted suicide death at the Louis Brier Home and Hospital:

The assisted death that took place at a Vancouver Jewish care home, contrary to the values of the institution, is very disturbing. Faith-based institutions, whether schools or health-care facilities, represent communities which have the right to determine the values that govern their mission.

In addition, it’s incorrect to suggest, as promoters of assisted suicide are doing, that every publicly funded facility has an obligation to provide MAiD. No care facility offers all medical procedures and services, and a residence or hospital has the right to reject procedures which contradict or go against its code of ethics.

Canada’s religious communities have contributed immensely to today’s comprehensive health-care system, and they minister with the same compassion and care for patients and residents today as they did hundreds of years ago, when they were the only ones caring for the sick.

Physician-assisted suicide, in the words of Pope Francis, is “false compassion”, and any attempt to coerce facilities into practising euthanasia is an assault on freedom of conscience and religion.


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