“This kind of support gives us hope and tells us that there are people who care. They help us and encourage us to work and to develop ourselves to be independent and productive, and not just be recipients. They help us to come back to life.” 

Hanan, Aosus 


Five years into the conflict in Syria, the crisis continues, and an alarming number of children, women and men have been displaced and are struggling for access to humanitarian aid. Amnesty International reports that 4.5 million of registered Syrian refugees have flooded into the surrounding countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt as of February 2016.n addition to supporting refugees in refugee camps in these surrounding countries, Development and Peace is supporting partners who are working to ensure that refugees have their needs met, who are promoting social cohesion and self-sufficiency of refugees in Syria’s neighbouring countries, and that these organizations which are supporting refugees are heard in their work for justice.

Please act now to help refugees and people displaced by the Syrian civil war. To help support the relief efforts in the Middle East today, visit devp.org/syria or call 1-888-664-3387.

For more information, please contact: Regional Animator, Katrina Laquian or Diocesan Chairperson, Pinky Pascual.

Isn’t it time for peace in Syria? 5 Year Report

March 2016

As we mark the fifth anniversary, Development and Peace has launched a national advocacy campaign to call on the Government and Canada to show leadership in contributing to the resolution of the conflict through political, diplomatic measures, rather than through a military solution. For more information on the situation in Syria, you can read the info sheet on “Five Years of Conflict: Working for Peace and Dignity for Syrians”, or visit devp.org/syria.

5 years of war in Syria: The voice of our partners

March 15th, 2016, marks the 5th anniversary of the start of the war in Syria. It may not be an anniversary to celebrate but it is one that we cannot forget either. The #withsyria movement, which is a coalition of organizations worldwide that includes Development and Peace, wants as many people as possible to show their solidarity with the people of Syria today. Development and Peace is giving voice to its courageous partners in the region, who even after 5 years are still providing life-saving aid. Here is what they have to say about the ongoing war and its impact on their people. Read more…

Are you moved to act? Sign the Development and Peace petition calling on the Canadian government to do everything in its power to protect civilians in Syria and to end the conflict through diplomatic means.



To learn more about the conflict in Syria, check out this power point presentation on Understanding and Responding to the Conflict in Syria and the Refugee Crisis – by Development and Peace – Caritas Canada.





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