About the Archdiocese

Learn more about the Archdiocese's Background, Coat of Arms, Geography and Former Bishops.

The Archbishop

Learn more about Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, the present shepherd of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.


Read more about The Archives - the official repository for documents of any form made or received by the Archdiocese in the pursuit of its religious and legal obligations and in the transaction of its business.


Check out postings from the Pastoral Centre Offices, Parishes and Schools.

New John Paul II Pastoral Centre

Learn more about the background information on the new John Paul II Pastoral Centre.

Administration & Governance

Find archdiocesan administrative arms and information: Structure, Finance, Information Technology, Internal Audit and Project Management.


Click to contact the desired office.

Archdiocesan Policies & Procedures

Archdiocesan policies are broad and comprehensive norms and directives which affect the entire Archdiocese. The policies of the Archdiocese flow from and are consistent with the mission of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Protecting God's Children

The Protecting God’s Children Policy is a screening process designed to create, maintain and promote a safe church environment for all those to whom we serve.

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