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Last year, you raised $191,238 through Pro-Life Sunday.

Here's how your gift helped 19 local Pro-Life groups:

Each group works within the Archdiocese of Vancouver to ensure that all voices are heard. This year, dozens of organizations are expected to apply for grants to receive funding from Pro-Life Sunday.

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Changing Minds

Read on to see how your gifts have already changed minds and healed hearts.

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Your Impact

Thanks to your generous donations for Pro-Life Sunday 2018, you made these stories possible:

Empowering Students

“We wanted to help students understand that we only truly thrive as individuals and communities when we come to know, believe, and are equipped to live out the truth that all people have tremendous, fundamental value. Once we believe and experience this for ourselves, we are empowered to care for others and stand up for others, especially those who can’t or are unable to defend or care for themselves.”

— Derek Scott
Interim Executive Director with Signal Hill

Dignifying Youth

“After one of my presentations I had a young fifteen year old girl come up to me to talk. She shared that she has been sexually active and how she had been giving her body in exchange for love, but how mistaken she had been. Thanks to our SHIFT presentation, she now understands why she feels bonded to her sexual partner and she is beginning to believe that she deserves to be cherished and not used.”

— Elisabeth Wauthy
SHIFT Coordinator at Hope for Women Pregnancy Services

Changing Minds

“For our ultrasound program in Langley, things have been progressing. We can say that we had one ultrasound client that was originally abortion-minded who eventually chose life. Having the ultrasound machine on site was a major factor in developing a relationship with this client.”

— Jared White
Executive Director with Advokate Life & Education Services

Supporting Mothers

“She did not want to be a single mom knowing that she no longer saw a future with her partner. By the time she came to us she had already scheduled an abortion. She was able to talk about her situation, express her fears and cry within the safe presence of a comforting volunteer Client Advocate. The volunteer presented adoption to her as an alternative option and took the time to encourage her that, although hard, single parenting is possible. She was told about the many community resources and supports that we can connect her with. Because she mentioned that she was a Christian who attended a local church, the volunteer offered to pray with her. She was eager to accept.”

— Pregnancy Options
South Fraser Centre, Surrey, BC

Healing Hearts

“For over 20 years I have been living a life full of guilt and no matter how many times I confessed to the priests, my pain would never go away. I felt I was a hopeless case. I had kept my secret of abortion for over 20 years and never knew how I was going to overcome it. I saw the advertisements for post abortion healing for over 6 years before I picked up the phone and made an appointment. The experience at Rachel’s Vineyard was so powerful and empowering – it was so amazing. I am now transformed and my perspective towards life is now different because of the retreat. Now I feel that He has never forsaken me.”

— Client Testimony
Post-Abortion Community Services

Providing Advice and Support

“In March, the Compassionate Community Care hotline received a call from an overwhelmed mother dealing with a near death of her 4-month-old, who had significant brain damage, and the hospital had been pressuring the mother to let the baby die while the hospital was overdosing as noted by the elevated baby’s heart rate. The hospital was not treating the baby well. Because of our advice and support, the mother was able to refuse to withdraw treatment and basic care from the child. We helped to hire a lawyer for the mother to further protect the child. Today, the baby is alive (and about 1 and a half years old) because the hotline was available to offer support and advice to the mother and help save the life of her baby.”

— Brian Simpson
President of Compassionate Community Care

Protecting Life

From the youngest to the oldest and everyone vulnerable in between. Help save a life today.

  • 6,126 students from public and private schools were impacted with life-affirming messages from educational groups
  • Hundreds of women facing a crisis pregnancy received help.
  • Local university and college student clubs raised awareness about life issues on campus.
  • March for Life participants peacefully raised their voice for human rights in front of B.C. Legislature.
  • Conversations on end-of-life issues were publicly voiced.
  • 24/7 hotline was available to provide help to people facing pressure towards assisted death.


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