Support Services

Murita Chua, Consultant for Elementary Parish Religious Education Program (PREP), supports PREP coordinators, catechists,  parents, and pastors in a variety of catechetical ministry related areas.  Services include:

  • Team building
  • Supporting coordinators in their leadership role
  • Integrating religious education into the parish community
  • Recommending resources for leadership & adult faith formation
  • Assisting in planning means of professional & spiritual development for catechetical teams like meetings & retreats
  • Leading presentations for parents, catechists, students, etc.
  • Supporting the implementation of the Vancouver Archdiocesan Elementary Curriculum Framework 
  • Supporting novice catechists in planning & organizing their programs
  • Implementing creative religious education methods
  • Enhancing prayer experiences in the classroom
  • Assisting catechists in the spiritual development of students e.g. Confirmation retreats, workshops on prayer, etc.
  • Providing parish-based workshops on a variety of topics e.g. lesson planning, discipline, learning stations in the classroom, classroom management, volunteer management, etc.

We will endeavour to plan in-service opportunities for your PREP teams and inform you about our available resources. Do not hesitate to discuss your needs with us.  Contact Murita  for more information on how to improve and grow your parish's PREP ministry.

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