Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework
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A Message from Rev. Msgr. S. Jensen, PH

Episcopal Vicar for Education

“In virtue of its own internal dynamic, the faith demands to be known, celebrated, lived, and translated into prayer.  Catechesis must cultivate each of these dimensions.” (n. 84, General Directory for Catechesis)

The Archdiocesan Elementary Curriculum Framework is presented to teachers and catechists as a tool for promoting the development of the faith life in their students.  By highlighting the nineteen Religious Education outcomes over the years of the elementary curriculum, the framework underlines the importance of a balanced and integral catechesis.

On behalf of the students and families who will benefit from this resource, I thank all who contributed to its development.  May God grant that those who use this framework may embody in their own lives the ideal it presents.


The elementary curriculum framework is a living resource developed with the mandate that it will be used throughout the Vancouver Archdiocesan schools so that there is continuity and guidance for the religious education classes beyond the three prescribed programs.  It is built on the 19 Religious Education Outcomes that have been given as policy from the Archbishop.  These outcomes have then been made more specific for each grade level.

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