Building a stewardship foundation – the Four Pillars of Stewardship


  • Implement Eucharistic Adoration;
  • Distribute stewardship prayers;
  • Use stewardship themes in the Prayers of the Faithful;
  • Encourage music with a stewardship theme;
  • Install a Book of Gratitude in the back of church;
  • Implement a shared household prayer service;
  • Print Psalms of Gratitude;
  • Offer an occasional stewardship retreat;
  • Establish a parish prayer chain;
  • Practical ideas for starting with prayer.


  • Give homilies with stewardship themes regularly;
  • Provide regular bulletin column on stewardship (your own or someone else’s);
  • Insert weekly Stewardship bulletin inserts;
  • Integrate stewardship themes into the school & faith formation curriculum;
  • Provide teachers/catechists stewardship material for use in their classrooms;
  • Provide stewardship topics in your parish newsletter;
  • Focus on stewardship themes in adult faith formation;
  • Use the internet/email to educate about stewardship;
  • Practical ideas for starting with formation.


  • Offer regular hospitality after Mass (e.g., coffee and goodies);
  • Place welcome cards in the pews;
  • Mail seasonal liturgical information to all parish households, highlighting special worship times and parish events (e.g., Advent, Christmas, Lent);
  • Recruit greeters for Mass;
  • Publish newcomers’ names in bulletin;
  • Set up after-Mass welcome/information tables regularly;
  • Offer new parishioner orientation regularly;
  • Mail cards to parishioners commemorating their special days (baptismal, wedding anniversaries, etc.);
  • Participate in Catholics Come Home by implementing an effort to welcome back inactive Catholics;
  • Practical ideas for starting with hospitality.


  • Implement yearly activity (Ministry Fair) for focus on commitment of time, talent, treasure;
  • Encourage parishioners to take Planned Giving Seminars;
  • Sponsor Parish Day(s) of Service to the community;
  • Offer gift discernment workshops;
  • Practical ideas for starting with service.


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