The Policy and Procedure Manual of The Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver is now published as an online listing of individual policies in PDF format.

Consult the list below for current archdiocesan policies.
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Liturgy & Sacraments
 Section Policy Name Effective Date
General Protocol in the Event of Disruption of Liturgy 2012‐May‐13
Readers (Lectors) Guidelines 2012-June
Anointing of the Sick
Confirmation Guidelines for Confirmation for Pastors and Teachers 2018‐November‐22
Policy for Confirmation with Mass 2017‐January‐06
Eucharist Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 2016-October-04
Guidelines for the Rite of Distributing Holy Communion Outside of Mass 2018-March-07
Funerals & Burials of the Departed Guidelines for a Eulogy at a Funeral Service 2016‐December‐13
Guidelines for Funerals & Burials in the Catholic Church in the Dioceses of BC and the Yukon 2016-December-15
Guidelines Regarding the Funeral Rites for Those Who Have Asked for Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide 2017-September
Holy Orders
Marriage Inter-Rite Marriages 2018-October-17
Policy on Lack of Canonical Form 2017-October-04
Sacred Celebrations
Ministries & Outreach
 Section Policy Name Effective Date
General Mission Appeal Policy 2014‐March‐17
Catholic Cemeteries
Catholic Charities
Ecumenism & Interfaith Relations Guidelines for Sharing of Catholic Churches with Other Church and Ecclesial Communities 2008-June-14
Evangelization & Discipleship
Filipino Ministry Council of Filipino Catholic Associations Terms of Reference 2016-November-23
Health Care
Hispanic & Migrant Ministry Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry 2016‐April‐16
Life, Marriage, & Family
Service & Justice
Youth & Young Adults
Stewardship & Development
 Section Policy Name Effective Date
Temporal Goods
Index of All Policies (Alphabetical)

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