All appointments are effective July 9, 2015 unless otherwise stated.


Arackal-IMS-Thomas Father Thomas Arackal, IMS
Saint Joseph’s Parish (Port Moody)
Au-Richard Father Richard Au
Canadian Martyrs Parish (Richmond)
 Dias-Joachim Father Joachim Dias
Saint Mary’s Parish (Gibsons) & Our Lady of Lourdes (Sechelt)
 Donnelly-Lawrence Father Lawrence Donnelly
Saint Joseph’s Parish (Langley)
 Landry-Frank Father Frank Landry
Saints Peter and Paul Parish (Vancouver)
 Larson-Donald Father Donald Larson
All Saints Parish (Coquitlam)
 Le-Joseph-Thanh-Thoai Father Joseph Thoai Le
Saint Jude’s Parish (Vancouver)
 Nguyen-Vincent-Cuong Father Vincent Cuong Nguyen
Holy Family Parish (Sechelt)
 Obiwumma-Augustine Father Augustine Obiwumma
Holy Trinity Parish (North Vancouver)
 Schwab-Mark Father Mark Schwab
Saint Stephen’s Parish (North Vancouver)
 Tran-Tien Father Tien Tran
Saint Matthew’s Parish (Surrey)
 Mascarenhas-OCD-Steny Father Steny Mascarenhas, OCD
Saint Anthony of Padua Parish (Agassiz)


Assistant Pastors

DSilva-SFX-Nixon-John Father Nixon D’Silva, SFX
Saint Matthew’s Parish (Surrey)
 Flores-Dennis Father Dennis Flores
Holy Rosary Cathedral (Vancouver)
 Goo-Paul Father Paul Goo 
Christ the Redeemer Parish (West Vancouver)
Rev McCarthy, John Father John McCarthy
(.5)Saint Ann’s Parish (Abbotsford)
 Nguyen-CSJB-Vincent Father Vincent Nguyen, CSJB
Saint Andrew’s Parish (Vancouver)
 Nootebos-Rodney Father Rodney Nootebos
(.5)Saint Michael’s Parish (Burnaby)
 Pastuszka-Krzysztof Father Krzysztof Pastuszka, SDS
Holy Cross Parish, (Burnaby)
 Reyes-Salvador Father Salvador (Jun) Reyes
Saint Paul’s Parish (Richmond)
Priest Father Chris Rushton, OMI
Sacred Heart Parish (Vancouver)*
Priest Father Robert Smith, OMI
Saint Augustine’s Parish (Vancouver)**
Priest Father Camillus Temba, ALCP/OSS
Saint Bernadette’s Parish (Surrey)
 Usman-AM-Reynaldo Father Reynaldo Usman, AM
All Saints Parish (Coquitlam)
 Yeung-Henry Father Henry Yeung
Saint Jude’s Parish (Vancouver)



 Lanzani-Davide Deacon Davide Lanzani
Saint Patrick’s Parish (Vancouver)
Lynn-Larry Deacon Larry Lynn
Saint Clare of Assisi Parish (Coquitlam)


Other Appointments

 Chu-Paul Father Paul chu
 Duggan-Bryan Father Bryan Duggan
Director, Vocations
 Iloghalu-Jude Father Jude Iloghalu
Chaplain, Vancouver General Hospital
 Meisl-Nicholas Father Nicholas Meisl
Studies, Sacred Scripture, Rome
 Nootebos-Rodney Father Rodney Nootebos
(.5)Associate Director, Vocations


Father Camillus Temba, ALCP/OSS
Chaplain, Surrey Memorial Hospital



 Comey-James Father James Comey
 Hawkswell-Vincent Father Vincent Hawkswell


* Effective July 2015
** Effective August 2015

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