The Order of Saint Dominic – Dominicans (O.P.)

St. Mary’s, Vancouver
St. Martin de Porres House, Vancouver


What are we?
* preachers

What moves us?
* love of our Lord Jesus, Servant of God
* love of the Gospel
* love of the Church
* compassion, especially for those who do not know that God is love, and that we are redeemed

How do we live and preach?
* in community
* in prayer
* in study
* in simplicity

We were founded by Saint Dominic in the early thirteenth century. We have been in Canada since 1873, and at Saint Mary’s Parish in Vancouver since 1996. We hope to develop a preaching ministry in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Our Dominican family is large: it includes the friars, the contemplative Dominican nuns, apostolic Dominican sisters, and fraternities of Dominican lay people.

For more information contact:

Fr. Gabriel de Chadarévian, OP
Saint Mary’s Parish
5251 Joyce St.
Vancouver, BC V5R 4G8
Phone: 604-435-9611 ext. 3
Fax: 604-439-9413

Dominican Community of St. Mary
3396 Austrey Ave.
Vancouver V5R 4V9
604 437 1852

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