Welcoming the Stranger is a timely theme: research by the Vancouver Foundation in 2012 revealed that Vancouverites are experiencing a crisis of social isolation.


As Catholics, we are called to “welcome the stranger” and we have been praying for an increase of charity, hope and faith in our community. From settling refugees to sheltering the homeless to befriending the isolated elderly to peacemaking and reconciliation, here are a few numbers that you can share with others:

As of 2016…

260,404 migrants,

23,265 refugees and

51,679 seasonal labourers

were welcomed into our country.

35,170 migrants,

1,528 refugees and

8,620 seasonal labourers

were welcomed into our province.

294 refugees

800 seasonal labourers

were welcomed in our Archdiocese.

 At the Men’s Hostel,

our homeless shelter on Cambie Street in downtown Vancouver,

36,842 Meals were served

2,271 unique guests were welcomed

37,186 total stays


At The Door is Open,

our drop-in centre on Dunlevy Avenue in the downtown Eastside,

 100,000+ Meals were served

750+ unique patrons served


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