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One day courses for ministry training, faith
formation and general interest open to all.

Date:   Saturday, January 27, 2018
Time:   10:00 am to 4:00 pm, unless otherwise noted
Holy Cross Regional Secondary, 16193 – 88th Avenue, Surrey
Cost:   $40.00 on or before January 22, 2018 ($20 for half-day course)
$45.00 after January 22, 2018 ($25.00 for half-day course)


Writing & Sharing Your Own Testimony AM ONLY Discovering the Gospels
The Message of the Missionary  PM ONLY Adult Catechesis – Part I
Basics of the Faith – Part II Creative Catechesis for Special Needs
Answering Questions on Sexual Orientation & Identity Classroom Management


Course Descriptions

Writing & Sharing Your Testimony

Course No: W801

Presenters: Mark Suezo & Shannelle Bautista

Half-Day, 10:00am – 12:30pm

One of the most effective tools of evangelization is a personal testimony; everyone has a story of how the Lord has worked in their life. Come and discover your own testimony and learn why it is so important to be a witness in this way.  Sharing your testimony can be one of the most effective tools in ministry.

Mark Suezo and Shannelle Bautista are Campus Missionaries for Catholic Christian Outreach at Simon Fraser University.


The Message of the Missionary

Course No: W802

Presenters: Amber Zolc 

Half-Day, 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Evangelization is a buzz word we hear a lot in the Church these days.  Yet, there is a mystery around it.  Who is called to evangelize?  Why do we evangelize?  How do we evangelize? Let’s demystify this topic of evangelization and understand more about the who, the why and the how of it all.  Amber Zolc, has been working in the new evangelization for 15 years.  She will speak from her experience and help you to understand the message of a missionary and your role in this ministry of evangelization.

Amber Zolc is the Archdiocesan Coordinator for Discover Discipleship and she has been working in the new evangelization for 15 years.


Basics of the Faith – Part II 

Course No: W803

Presenters: Fr. Anthony Ho & Madonna House


The Catholic Faith is true and beautiful, but many have yet to discover its riches. Part 2 explores the moral life and prayer, two of the four pillars of the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Anthony Ho is pastor of St. John the Apostle in Vancouver. Madonna House is a Catholic community dedicated to poverty, prayer and hospitality.


Answering Questions on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

Course No: W804

Presenters: Peter Nation


More children and adults these days are claiming to have gender identity disorder. How will you support and guide them? How would you answer the question: “Where does the Church stand on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity?”

Learn how to dialogue with young people, your co-workers, neighbours and family members about this hot topic, without raising your voice. Catholic Voices will train you how to present the Church’s position on these issues.

Peter Nation is the coordinator for Catholic Voices Academy, Canada and a parishioner at St. Edmund’s Parish.


Discovering the Gospels

Course No: W805

Presenters: Leanne Penco


Why are the same stories slightly different in each of the Gospels? What’s the difference between a temple and a synagogue? How is Jesus the fulfillment of the Old Testament? We will look at Jesus’ life and ministry, the culture and political scene of the time, how the New Testament was assembled and more. Together we’ll discover diverse ways to read, study, ponder and teach the Gospels. This is an excellent course for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of our Lord and the Gospels. Come, and bring your questions.

Leanne Penco is the Liturgy of the Word with Children (LWC) Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Vancouver.


Adult Catechesis – Part I

Course No: W606

Presenter: Patrick Gillespie, Sr.

Full Day

“Go… teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you”. This workshop provides an overview of the role of adult catechesis in the mission of the Church. Participants will examine the content that is to be delivered, including the Sacred Scripture doctrine and personal testimony. While emphasis is given to RCIA, the principles explored are applicable to any form of adult catechesis.

Patrick Gillespie is a parishioner at St. Mary’s Chilliwack and a longtime RCIA Coordinator


Creative Catechesis for Special Needs

Course No: W807

Presenter: Sr. Rhonda Brow, DSMP

Full Day

“That they too may know.”  Passing the Faith on to children can be challenging, but helping a child to know and experience God’s love can fill our lives with meaning and deepen our own love for God and His Church. Teaching a child with special learning needs can be even more rewarding.

In this session, Sr Rhonda will discuss the vision of the Church for catechesis for people with special needs and the effective implementation of that vision. She will offer valuable resources and practical ideas to help start and build creative catechesis for special needs.

Sr. Rhonda Brown, DSMP is the former Director of VANSPEC (Vancouver Archdiocese and Special Education Catechetical), and currently residing with the Daughters of St. Mary’s Providence in Minnesota.


Classroom Management

Course No: W808

Presenters: Murita Chua


In this course, you will learn how to create a religious education environment conducive to learning and celebrating. Topics include: creating a positive catechetical environment, establishing classroom norms and consequences, conflict resolution, group management and communication skills.

Murita Chua is the Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Vancouver.



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