One day courses for ministry training, faith formation & general interest open to all.

Date: Saturday, April 27
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., unless otherwise noted
Location: Holy Cross Secondary, 16193 88th Avenue, Surrey
Cost: Full Day – $40 on or before April 23
Full Day – $45 after April 23
Half Day – $20 on or before April 23
Half Day – $25 after April 23

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Active Listening: A Work of Mercy Children and Prayer
Overview of the Liturgy How Do We Pray? – Cancelled
Making Gen-Z Disciples – Cancelled Adult Catechesis – Part I & II
Basics of the Faith – II

Course Descriptions

Active Listening: A Work of Mercy

Course No: SP901
Presenter: Bro. John Gale

One of the great acts of kindness that a person can do for another is to just listen. But how do we actively listen to people, especially when they speak to us about issues such as their grief, anger, and disappointment with life or doubts about their faith? This session will explore why and how active listening can be a work of mercy. It will provide opportunities to learn about key components of active listening and to practice active listening skills within the group.

Brother John Gale is a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers who has worked for many years as a pastoral caregiver with the Providence Health Care System. He is trained professionally in Clinical Pastoral Education.

Overview of the Liturgy

Course No: SP902
Presenter: Susan Diewold

As the name implies, this course offers basic understanding of liturgy and the Mass. How did we get the Mass that we know today? When should we bow and genuflect? Is there any significance to the liturgical colours? Come and learn about the richness of the Mass, including the ‘why’ behind some of the things we do, the fascinating history and development of our liturgy, the importance of music, as well as the vestments and sacred vessels used in the Mass. We conclude with an interactive walk through the Mass.

Susan Diewold has worked in the Catholic Schools of Vancouver for many years. She is a long time parishioner at St. Mary’s Vancouver and participates in parish RCIA and the 5pm Choir.

Making Gen-Z Disciples

This course has been cancelled. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Course No: SP903
Presenter: Erwin Fung, Matt Martin, and Amber Zolc

Helping you establish a solid foundation for ministry to young people, this new all-day workshop explores the latest research on faith and life trends among young Canadians, maps the transitional phases of emerging adulthood and their implication for ministry, and explains best practices in Gen-Z discipleship formation.
This workshop will be highly interactive, coaching you and your team to develop a game plan for ministry that is effective strategic, doable and fun.

Erwin Fung (Coordinator) and Matt Martin (Coordinator) work in the Ministries and Outreach Office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Amber Zolc is a missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach and travels throughout North America training churches in effective discipleship ministry. Together, they have nearly three decades of combined experience in youth and young adult ministry.

Basics of the Faith – Part II 

Course No: SP904
Presenters: Fr. Anthony Ho & Madonna House

The Catholic Faith is true and beautiful, but many have yet to discover its riches. Part 2 explores the moral life and prayer, two of the four pillars of the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Anthony Ho is pastor of St. John the Apostle in Vancouver. Madonna House is a Catholic community dedicated to poverty, prayer and hospitality.

Children and Prayer

Course No: SP905
Presenter: Murita Chua
Full Day

This course is designed to help catechists lead their students to an appreciation of the centrality of the Eucharist and the importance of prayer in our lives. There will be opportunities to participate in prayer and plan prayer experiences using a variety of resources conducive to a typical catechetical session for elementary school students. Ideas and guidelines to prepare children for First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation will be discussed.

Murita Chua is a Coordinator for the Ministries and Outreach Office, of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

How Do We Pray?

This course has been cancelled. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Course No: SP906
Presenter: Leo Ilomin
Half-Day  10:30am – 12:30pm

This presentation is about prayer – specifically the prayer of the Church, the Body of Christ. To reinforce the meaning and effectiveness of our prayer life, we learn the difference between devotional prayer and liturgy prayers. In the liturgy we explore the various ways of our love and reverence for God in sitting, bowing, genuflecting and kneeling. The emphasis is in silence and listening during the celebration of the liturgies. Prayers help us to grasp in some way an important aspect of the great mystery; the Mass, although Christ died only once on the Cross and offer himself only once to the Father, yet this once and for all sacrifice is perpetrated or enacted for all time.

Leo Ilomin has been teaching catechism class for several years. He is involved in many parish activities; a member of the Serra Club; leads a prayer group at Abbotsford Regional Hospital; facilitates studies of CCC and a member of the archdiocesan liturgy commission and awardee of Stewardship medal.

Adult Catechesis – Part I & II

Course No: SP907
Presenters: Sr. Angela Marie Castellani and Patrick Gillespie

“Go… teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” This workshop provides an overview of the role of adult catechesis in the mission of the Church. Participants will examine the content that is to be delivered, including Sacred Scripture, doctrine and personal testimony. While emphasis is given to RCIA, the principles explored are applicable to any form of adult catechesis. Learn how to prepare a session and utilize art, music, personal testimony and group discussion in order to foster effective catechesis.

Sr. Angela Marie Castellani is a Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist and Coordinator for the Ministries and Outreach Office, of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Patrick Gillespie is an Educational Consultant with the CISVA. He has worked in Evangelization, Catechetics and Youth Ministry.

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