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History of St. Paul’s Province of Oblates:

British Columbia was still a remote land when the Oblates of Mary Immaculate arrived on its coast with their mission-to evangelize the poor. That same pioneering spirit is alive and well as the Oblates follow in the footsteps of the early missionaries.

Their work is as relevant today as it was more than 150 years ago, when the first Oblates traveled to the West Coast. They journeyed from Oregon to Vancouver Island, then to the vast wilderness of mainland BC to establish native missions. St. Paul’s Province of Oblates is one of the younger Provinces coming into the status of an Oblate Province on June 1, 1973 and was joined together with the Vice Province of Whitehorse in the Yukon on December 11, 1982.

The Majority of the Province’s missionaries minister in the British Columbia dioceses of Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Prince George, Whitehorse and a mission in Kenya,Africa. They work closely with the people of their ministries; Sisters; lay volunteers; for the most part having a concern for the poor and marginalized.

The Oblates of St. Paul’s Province are hearty men who are adaptable and who are filled with Christ’s spirit. They have a gift for simplicity, and for being with people. They learn from the people in their ministry and continue the task of sharing the good news.

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