NFP Teacher Training

Synod proposition #24 states:  “Recruit natural family planning teachers in each parish to counsel couples before and after marriage in managing their fertility in accordance with Humanae Vitae through natural family planning methods.”

In order to fulfill the above Synod proposal, more NFP teachers need to be training and willing to teach other couples these methods.

The Respect Life Office has funding available to help with training of NFP teachers.  For couples and individual who want to be trained the following criteria need to be met. 

1)      Be a Catholic in good standing with the Church (letter from parish priest) 
2)      Have a basic understanding of Catholic teaching on fertility awareness 
3)      Be willing to teach other couples 
4)      Agree to provide the Archdiocese with a minimum number of teaching hours 
5)      Submit a proposal to the RLO with the cost of training and request for sponsorship

Each person or couple will submit a proposal to the Respect Life Office in the follow format:

1)      Name, address, email, parish, organization if applicable.
2)      Short paragraph on why you want to be trained
3)      Short paragraph on why you think NFP is important for yourself and the Catholic Community
4)      Amount requested for funding.

We are asking for a one year commitment to teach natural family planning (any method) in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.  As an example, this may involve teaching 10 couples the method individually or doing 10 marriage preparation sessions in our Archdiocesan course. 

There are three organizations in the Archdiocese of Vancouver which teach natural family planning (NFP). 

1)    WOOMB (Billings Ovulation Method)
2)    Serena – BC (sympto-thermal method)  
3)    Creighton  (Napro-technology)  

Each organization has its own training.


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