Who’s making a mission appeal in Vancouver this year?

Fr. Roshan D’Souza, CSC
Bangalore, India
Holy Fathers of the Sacred Heart Province

Rev. Lawrence D’Almeida, CSC, the Mission Procurator of the Province of South India wrote: “Holy Cross is a missionary congregation founded in France in 1837 by Blessed Basil Anthony Mary Moreau, since then it has been an international religious community of 3,000 Priests and Brothers who serve 15 countries around the world. A recognized Catholic missionary society in good standing with the Catholic Church. Our mission is to be the Proclaimers of the Gospel and Educators in Faith. But in a country like India, where we experience intolerance and religious persecution, direct evangelization is no longer possible and permissible. But, we enter the lives of almost 15 thousand Christians and non-Christians who are ordinary, marginalized and the poor people by feeding and providing shelter to the hungry and the needy, caring through health care facilities, involvement among the deaf and dumb, eradication of illiteracy, awareness programs, and giving Jesus to the world through celebration of sacraments. Our mission evangelizes and serves the people on the margins of society.

 Fr. Roshan will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

Reverend Dominik Mbah, MSP
Abuja, Nigeria
The Missionary Society of St. Paul of Nigeria

Rev. Iygwoya Moses Osequemhe, MSP, the Mission Project Coordinator, wrote: “Our priest speaker would share practical stories about this project of building class rooms for children whose parents are very poor, petti traders, farmers and those who were displaced as a result of the Islamic insurgencies (Boko-Haram) in Nigeria and our support to more than 300 students in Nigeria, Sudan, Malawi and Liberia to go to school, the difficulties of sharing the faith in Chad, South Sudan and other missions that are torn apart as a result of Islamic insurgencies especially in Africa. The missionary Society of St. Paul was founded in 1977. Our first ordination was in 1985 and a year after we sent out the first missionaries. Since then we have expanded our mission activities to Malawi, South Sudan, Chad, Liberia, the Gambia, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Cameroon and North America. Presently we have over 280 priests in mission and over 121 seminarians studying for the missionary priesthood.”

Father Dominik will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

Reverend Gosbert Mgina
Madeje, Tanzania
Diocese of Iringa

Fr. Mgina wrote: “Madege Parish is in the Diocese of Iringa, Tanzania (…). The Parish is situated 80 kilometers south east of Iringa town (…). The parish was started by the Consolata missionaries in the year of 1996, The number of the baptized up to the moment is 5,012. There are 14 outstations, of which 10 are relatively small ones. Magede is characterized with mountainous landscape known as Udzungwa mountain ranges. Unfortunately the soil is not good for cash crops. Hence the people are poor peasant farmers growing only subsistence crops like maize, beans, millet, pine trees, etc. for hand to mouth survival. Poor and dangerous roads especially during rainy seasons cripple the economy. Hence no way to transport and sell their little harvest. Madege Parish face problems, the critical one is the access to Medical Tratment. Here at the parish, we have a dispensary which help these people. However, many have to walk up to 12 kilometers to reach here. It is something difficult especially for women who must attend ‘mother and child’ health services. We would like to construct another dispensary in the nearby village called Ilutila. The dispensary will serve several villages, for it will bring health services more close to them. They will have a short distance to reach the service.”

Father Mgina will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

Reverend Ssebuggwaawo Denis
Luweero, Kampala-Uganda
Diocese of Kasana-Luweero

Most Rev. Paul Ssemwogerere, Bishop of Kasana-Luwero, Kampala-Uganda, wrote: “Our Diocese is located in the area that has been heavily plagued by the rebel incursions forcing people to be encamped as refugees in their God given country causing big losses of property and financial resources. For this sort of horrible poverty in our midst, orphaned children are hit hardest in every category. So, we have to take responsibility for it, then we have to do something about it for our own freedom, for our salvation, for our own humanity. Our present financial situation allows us to do little for the required funds as our Diocese resources have drastically stretched to their limits. Hence, there is no other alternative other than finding good-hearted people like you and Christians of good will to find us a temporal solution of safe water provision to these little ones. Water is life as the saying goes and disease is one of the most hazardous evils in society. In this 21st century it is absurd that some people are not having clean and safe water for both their consumption and home use among these are the orphaned children found in these Mission Schools where children walk long distances in search of water. This not only hinders their learning but also leads to poor health among the children and a lot of time is spent in the search for clean and safe water.”

Father Denis will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

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