It’s Here!

Written by Connie Fabian, Lay Scalabrinian

Here is the first edition of the Handbook for Migrant Farm Worker Ministry.  It was important to bring together both the church and parishioner leadership in the communities that serve the Migrant Farm Workers to create a guide for this growing missionary work.

The combined effort of everyone has created a valuable public resource that is accessible to everyone online.  It contains the policies and procedures sanctioned by the Church and tested in the parish communities.

If you are a new parish group or an existing one looking for more information on how to improve or expand your network of volunteers or methods for serving migrant farm workers, the information you are seeking can be found in the Handbook for Migrant Farm Worker Ministry.


This is a new ministry with migrant farm workers scattered all over the farming regions and there may be very different challenges in each community. However, because the Handbook is online it will be constantly transforming and up-dating the information by the parishes who minister to migrants to include the experiences and needs of all the parish groups and communities that serve migrant farm workers.




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