There are a number of existing parish-based men’s groups in the Archdiocese, in which men come together to pray, study the faith, and support each other. We hope to encourage more of these, convinced that men need other men, brothers with whom they can grow in their faith, find mutual encouragement, and develop Christ-centred friendships. See below for a directory of existing groups, plus a list of recommended resources.

Existing Groups

Parish Phone Number Group/ministry
St. Augustine Parish, Vancouver 604-736-4455 Men’s Prayer Group
Christ the Redeemer Parish, West Vancouver 604-922-1371 Friday Morning Prayer Group
Star of the Sea Parish, White Rock 604-531-5739 Friday Morning Men’s Group
St. James Parish, Abbotsford 604-864-8800 Men’s Group
Church of the Assumption, Powell River 604-485-5300 Men’s Ministry
St. Joseph, Langley 604-534-3303 The Master’s Touch Men’s Group


For those interested in joining an ongoing men’s faith formation group, consider contacting the parishes above.

For those interested in starting a men’s group, consider visiting some of the above groups to see a variety of models and resources in action.

For those interested in great faith formation resources for men and men’s groups, here are some options we recommend:

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