From Treasure in Heaven: A 40-Day, Ten Minutes a Day Prayer Guide

By Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Used with Permission for Man Alive, Archdiocese of Vancouver




This booklet is a prayer guide that will lead you into a personal relationship with the Holy Trinity. God is our treasure. And yet few people embark on the adventure of seeking God. Scripture promises that if we seek the Lord we will find Him.

This booklet is a 40-day challenge. The challenge is to pray 10 minutes a day for 40 days.

My hope is that through this booklet you will acquire the discipline of daily prayer and that this discipline will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Fr. Mark Goring, CC


Seven Prayers

There are seven prayers I believe every Catholic should pray daily. They are included in this booklet and are as follows:

1. The Daily Offering is a prayer entrusting all that we have and are to the Lord. I have included my favourite one in this booklet.

2. The Our Father is the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples when they asked him how to pray.

3. The Hail Mary is the prayer Catholics most commonly use to honour Mary our Mother and to ask for her intercession.

4. The Doxology is a prayer of worship and adoration to God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit

5. The Act of Contrition is a prayer of repentance asking God for his mercy and forgiveness.

6. The Guardian Angel Prayer reminds us that we have an angel constantly watching over us and invokes his help.

7. The St. Michael the Archangel Prayer reminds us that we are in a spiritual battle. By invoking St. Michael we receive help against the forces of darkness.

Forty Scriptures 

This booklet includes 40 Scripture passages. Meditate on one each day. Meditating on Scripture is similar to pondering a piece of art; it is important that you take your time. Stay with the Scripture until it makes an impression on you. I usually meditate on the Scripture of the day for about three minutes.

Letting the Holy Spirit lead you in Prayer

Pray each prayer slowly with an awareness of God’s presence.

Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart during your time of meditating on Scripture.

Do not go through the time of thanksgiving and intercession routinely. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead and inspire you when you are thinking of what to pray for.

Within a short time you will notice the Holy Spirit teaching you how to pray.

The Freedom Prayer

Included in this booklet is a prayer for freedom. Take 40 days to ask God to set you free from an area of sinfulness or weakness in your life.

How the Freedom Prayer Works

1. Small Steps – Most things grow slowly. Choose something attainable when deciding in what area of your life to ask the Lord for freedom.

2. Virtue Begets Virtue – By gaining freedom in one small area of your life you will experience a positive “ripple effect” in many other areas of your life.

3. Ask the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit can help us pin point the one small change in our life that has the potential of impacting our whole life for the better. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what small change will best improve your life.

4. 40 Days – 40 days is the perfect amount of time to break the power of a bad habit or to form a good habit in our lives.

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