November 1, 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In 2017, Pope Francis gave two messages of particular relevance to the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

The first came during my ad limina visit to Rome, when the Holy Father told Canada’s western and northern bishops to accompany our people as Jesus did – to give them hope by offering them Jesus Christ.
Francis had similar words in a video address to Vancouver’s TED Talk in the spring, proposing “a revolution of tenderness ” that begins with hope.

If hope is the measure of faithfulness, I am truly gratified at how the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s pastoral activities, ministries and programs today are offering hope to our more than 435,000 Catholics as well as countless others in the Lower Mainland.

It is with this in mind that we set the Archdiocese’s Priorities and Goals: expanding our programs and ministries, broadening our efforts at evangelization, and implementing new forms of engagement in our parishes and schools.

It has been heartening to witness the results of our efforts, from new parenting programs to bold initiatives in social media. With God’s grace and the faithful commitment of our people, we are making great strides in serving our evangelizing mission.

None of our initiatives would be possible without our dedicated clergy and consecrated men and women, and we continue to be blessed with new priests, deacons, and sisters. In this past year, we welcomed a new religious community to the Archdiocese, the Daughters of the Queen of the Rosary from Indonesia, announced a new Catholic high school, St. John Paul II Academy in Surrey, and launched a new parish, St. Agnes Kim in Port Moody. Our Archdiocese is truly graced.
Yet we see so much need in the world around us – illness, poverty, violence, natural disasters, and moral upheaval – and we who have been blessed with abundance in security, resources, skills, and faith must continue to seek ways of reaching out to those “on the periphery,” in hope and service.

I am deeply grateful for you, our supportive and prayerful lay people and our dedicated and faithful clergy and religious. Every day I reflect on the generosity and commitment I see in you, and recall with gratitude the Master’s response to the servant in the parable of the talents: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Thank you for supporting our evangelizing mission of bringing hope to a broken world longing, often unknowingly, for the mercy of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

With the assurance of my prayers, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,
+ J. Michael Miller, CSB
Archbishop of Vancouver

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