St. Mark Parish

Jesuits work in many different fields. Some work in parishes, administer the sacraments, do counselling and spiritual direction and others are engaged in the social apostolate, the retreat apostolate, and in mass media. Some Jesuits are medical doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, musicians, artists. Some are meteorologists, geophysicists, mathematicians, sociologists, and historians. Some go on foreign missions. Many are educators, among them philosophers and theologians. The only norm for the type of apostolate of a Jesuit is service to God and his people, in accord with the will of his superiors and the corporate thrust of the society which is “the promotion of justice in the service of faith.

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St. Mark Parish
5935 Iona Drive
Vancouver BC V6T 1J7
Phone: 604 822 4463
Fax: 604 822 4695

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