In July 2012, The Archdiocese of Vancouver commissioned Ausenco Canada Inc. to undertake a professional engineering study of its school and church buildings to determine their capacity to protect occupants during a significant earthquake. The June 2013 Seismic Risk Assessment and Retrofit Considerations Summary Report showed buildings ranging from needing little to no work, to those requiring extensive structural upgrades.

Infrastructure RenewalAs part of Stewarding God’s Gifts – one of three major priorities outlined in the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Three-Year Strategic Plan, all Parishes have been asked to demonstrate by November 30, 2015, that they have begun planning for Infrastructure Renewal, with a particular focus on further improving safety for school children.

To help facilitate Infrastructure Renewal Planning at Parishes, two Campus Master Planning (CMP) Programs have been developed:

  • CMP:  Parish Needs Assessment (PNA)
  • CMP:  Feasibility Study (Feasibility)

The completion of either program by November 30, 2015 fulfills the Parish requirement to demonstrate Infrastructure Renewal Planning. For more information about these two programs, please go to “IR Tools”.

As an additional Archdiocesan Infrastructure Renewal Program initiative, the Archdiocese has been working with the Department of Civil Engineering‘s Earthquake Engineering Research Facility (EERF) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) to introduce relatively inexpensive, cutting-edge Earthquake Early Warning Systems (EEWS) and Strong Motion Instrumentation (SMI) recording technology into schools and churches.

For more information about UBC’s Earthquake Engineering Research Facility, please visit the website here.

For more information on the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Infrastructure Renewal Initiative, please go to “IR Tools”.

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