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“The Report on RCAV Seismic Structural Risk Rating by Block” – A table containing the risk rating results of the 381 blocks that were assessed as part of the Seismic Risk Assessment and Retrofit Considerations Study carried out by Ausenco Canada Inc. between July 2012 and March 2013. Infrastructure Renewal Programs:  Planning Workshop PowerPoint Presentation – A PowerPoint presentation prepared by the Property and Infrastructure Office which explains what is required by November 30, 2015 and the two programs (“CMP:  Parish Needs Assessment” and “CMP:  Feasibility Study”) which satisfy the requirement for parishes to demonstrate they have begun planning for Infrastructure Renewal by the target date. Parish Profile – A one-page presentation of a Parish’s demographic and financial information and the municipal context in which it is located. 
PNA-Data-Collection-online-form-small  Image for CMP Feasibility Study
RCAV SharePoint SiteA browser-based collaboration and document management platform that was created as a means to centralize access to, and management of, RCAV Building/Construction Project  information for Parishes. Every Parish in the Archdiocese has their own site which can be accessed here.
Please note that in order to access your Parish’s Site, you will need to use the new usernames & passwords that were emailed on July 31, 2015.
CMP:  Parish Needs Assessment (PNA) Questionnaire – A strategic planning online questionnaire developed by RCAV which asks  Parishes to answer questions about their Parish community (demographics), neighbourhood context and finances in preparation for/and prior to undertaking the more detailed and formal Feasibility Study. Download a working copy here . Accessing the online questionnaire requires a password.  Please email: for your Parish’s password. CMP: Feasibility Study – A comprehensive study prepared by a team of professionals with input from the Parish community which details the most logical project(s) options, scopes, budgets and phasing. Download a copy of the Feasibility Study Template here.
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