Migrant (Farm Worker) Ministry Handbook
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Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry
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The Hispanic Ministry team is led by the coordinator, Father Richard Zanotti, CS.

A leadership team was formed to support this ministry and consists of the Lay Scalabrinian from Our Lady of Sorrows and a representative from each participating parish.  The Teresian Carmelites are wholly supportive of the ministry providing presence at masses.  Evelyn Vollet, director of the Office of Service & Justice supports this ministry in a consultative role. Hispanic Ministry includes Farm worker Ministry and Latino Ministry.


Since 1989 the Teresian Carmelite Missionaries have been working with the migrant Hispanic community in the Vancouver Archdiocese. About 12 years ago a decision was made to integrate the Hispanic community with Our Lady of Sorrows where the pastors and priests originate from the religious order of St Charles Scalabrinian.  The Hispanic community has grown and expanded through a fluid national immigration plan and the temporary foreign workers program.


Providing pastoral care for all temporary farm workers in our Archdiocese.


Our missionary mandate is to intentionally create and sustain a parish-based pastoral care program for temporary farm workers shepherded by the Hispanic Ministry coordinator, Father Richard Zanotti, CS who will be supported by a leadership team supporting in varying capacities

  • Our Lady of Sorrows Lay Scalabrinian
  • Representative from the parishes participating in farm worker ministry
  • Pastor/Asst pastor from the parishes participating in farm worker ministry
  • Support of the Teresian Carmelite Missionaries
  • Consultation from the director of the Office of Service & Justice

There are four parishes who celebrate weekly Mass in Spanish and four parishes who celebrate once a month specifically for farm worker ministry. Mass Times & Map.




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