The Apostolic Society of Heralds of Good News (HGN)

“Heralds of Good News” (HGN) is a Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life of Diocesan Right, whose principal seat is established in the diocese of Eluru in India, was founded by Rev Fr Jose Kaimlett on October 14, 1984. It was erected as of diocesan right on May 5, 1991 and being recognized as of Pontifical right on May 5, 1999. The priests do not take vows, but only give promise, since the Society is of diocesan right.

The Society has a charism that is unique to itself of training and supplying zealous and saintly priests wherever there is need in the universal Church, especially due to the shortage of local vocations.

The Society has Mary Queen of Apostles and St. Joseph the Worker as the Patrons.

The Society has about 302 priests and around 432 seminarians in various levels of studies. Apart from India the priests serve in various countries like Tanzania (Africa), Papua New Guinea, Italy, Nederland, America and Canada.

Erection of three new Provinces:

Since the Society has made a rapid progress both in the matter of personnel and at the level of activities, to make a smooth run of the administration, three new Provinces were created in August, 2008. All the three new provinces now function under the leadership of three different “Provincials”, and the whole Society is guided by the “Superior General”, Very Rev Fr. A. Francis.

To Contact:

Very Rev Fr. A. Francis
Superior General,
Heralds of Good News
R.S.Post, Eluru,
W.G.Dist., Andra Pradesh – 534 005

Tel: (0091) 8812 235973, 8812 236740,
Fax: (0091) 8812 230256


Immaculate Conception Parish (Delta)
St. Joseph's Parish (Langley)
Church of the Assumption (Powell River) 


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