Holy Childhood Association
Children Helping Children

Foster prayer in our children for the children of the world, that all children 
may know Jesus

Learn more about the world's children through classroom resources and materials

Develop the practice of sharing in children's younger years


We encourage Canadian elementary school-aged children to pray for, learn about, and make contributions with the knowledge that they are helping children in developing countries to have a brighter, healthier and happier future.


The Mission Rosary reminds us of the mission effort to spread the Good News of Jesus on every continent of the world. Each decade in the Mission Rosary is a different colour. Each colour represents a different continent of the world.

GREEN represents the forests and grasslands of the continent of Africa.

RED represents the fire of faith that brought the missionaries to the continents of the Americas – North, Central, and South. 

WHITE represents the continent of Europe, the seat of the Holy Father, who is the Shepherd of the world.

BLUE represents the ocean surrounding the islands of the Pacific, Oceania.

YELLOW represents the morning light of the east, the continent of Asia.


Order free mission education materials to be used in promoting Holy Childhood Association.

HCA can be incorporated into the regular religious education program, especially when the lessons speak about the mission of Jesus and His disciples. It can be formed as a children's club in the school, or an activity for an already-existing children's group. Our work of prayer, learning about others and sharing what we have, could be coupled with activities required to prepare for First Communion or Confirmation.

Free Classroom Materials

We'll send you free materials to promote HCA. Newsletters, teacher's guide, stickers, membership cards, prayer cards, mission banks and posters are available.

Teaching Guides and Student Newsletters


Holy Childhood Office 
#506-576 Tisdall Street, Vancouver
(604) 263-6135

The Holy Childhood Association aims to help the greatest number of children possible. It channels aid to institutions and organizations in the developing world concerned with children below the age of 14. Nursery and daycare centres, dispensaries, schools, maternity hospitals, and handicapped centres are among the many beneficiaries.

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