We live on Prayer

The prayer warrior group serves as the solid backbone of the Filipino Ministry. Through the group’s fidelity and persistence in prayer we will not only bear fruits that shall last, but more so be ensured that our activities out in the world are according to the Will of the Father.

Objectives of the Prayer Brigade

  1. Pray daily for the intentions of all Filipinos in the Archdiocese in general and for the Filipino Ministry in particular.
  2. Pray as requested for specific projects and activities of the various groups in the Filipino Ministry.
  3. Pray for prayer requests that would come from the general public via the Filipino Ministry website form.

Prayer Component

  1. The highest form of prayer is the celebration and offering of the Mass.
  2. The Holy Rosary is esteemed as an appropriate way to pray for the Filipino Ministry especially with the close affinity of Filipinos to Mama Mary.
  3. Special prayers and novenas will be prayed as and when they are indicated.


  1. The prayer warrior group shall be headed by a coordinator, whose term shall be three (3) years, renewable subject to joint discernment between the incumbent and the Coordinator of the Filipino Ministry.
  2. Members are recruited and formed according to the spirituality of the Filipino Ministry.
  3. Members are recruited on probation for six (6) months and which will be regularized based on joint discernment between the member and the coordinator of the prayer warrior group.

For more information, email: or call 604-442-5766.

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