Have you broken the silence?

Parishes are called to be dynamic communities of missionary disciples. Sherry Weddell shared insights about one of the obstacles our communities need to overcome – silence. She encouraged Pastors and lay leaders to “Break the Silence” by encouraging and equipping people to share their faith through personal testimony.

What does “breaking the silence” mean? 
Breaking the silence means talking “openly about the possibility of a relationship with a personal God who loves you” and thereby giving others permission to do the same. It is about creating a culture where it is normal to talk about Jesus and his “Great Story,” about one’s lived relationship with Jesus and the call to follow Him as His disciple in the midst of His Church.

Getting started
Have you started to break the silence in your parish?  Have you experienced some successes and would you be open to sharing them with others?  Or, would you like to get started and need help in doing so?

Connecting with other disciples
We are planning a gathering on January 23, 2017 to share ideas and to support each other in our work of making intentional disciples and in renewing our parishes. We look forward to having you join us!  Look for more information in the new year.


Welcome to the start of our conversation on intentional discipleship!

If you were unable to join us for Sherry Weddell’s recent talk at St. Francis Xavier, or would like to hear her again, check out this video:

Take these next steps with us:sherryweddell_cta-version2

  1. Pray with an open heart as a disciple of the Lord.
  2. Form study groups within your parish for a deeper understanding of Intentional Discipleship.
  3. Encourage others to begin their own journey by reading Forming Intentional Disciples and Divine Renovation.
  4. Register for the 2017 Western Canadian Catholic Stewardship Conference: Stewards of Christ’s Mission, June 9-11, 2017, Vancouver, BC. (wccsc.ca)


More resources to come! Be sure to check this page for more updates!


Bishop Barron speaks on Sherry’s Intentional Discipleship

Bishop Robert Barron calls Sherry’s book Forming Intentional Disciples “A very good book” on the process by which people are brought to full discipleship in the Lord. He says the bestseller is very helpful in learning how to sow the seed of the Word according to where people are.



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