Diocese of Tororo, Uganda

Fr. Joseph Othieno and Fr. Andrew Obel were in Vancouver during 2010 and preached at St. Helen’s and St. Joseph the Worker Parishes. Thanks to the generous parishioners, they raised $22,071 in order to purchase an ambulance for St. Anthony’s Hospital in Tororo.

April 2012 - Thank You - Tororo, Uganda

In his recent thank you letter, Fr. Bernard Wakyemba, the Projects Officer for the Archdiocese of Tororo writes:

Thank you very much for your donation towards the purchase of an ambulance for St. Anthony’s Hospital found in Tororo Archdiocese. With our own means of transport, we are able to carry out quick emergency calls to our clients.

Besides the purchasing and shipping, we also incurred many other costs. The computer that controls the car was stolen on transit before it was delivered to the clearing agent in Mombosa. So we bought another. On the way to Uganda, the differential gear broke down forcing us to buy a new one. Then we applied for government tax wave off and also purchased ambulance accessories. It turned out to be a very expensive venture and your donation was combined with another. The process was long and very costly, but thank you very much once again for your understanding.

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