Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania

Father Henry Mrema, Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Spiritus Sancti, thanks the Archdiocese and particularly Holy Trinity Parish in North Vancouver and Guardian Angels Parish, Vancouver for their financial help to purchase a vehicle for St. Joseph’s Vocational Training Center for Youth. The Center enables young people to learn the various skills necessary to bring change in their way of life and to become more responsible in their society, church and the nation. The Center also helps orphans and children affected by the AIDS pandemic. Father Mrema reports that there are more students attending every year, with 95 attending this year. The school now has a lot of activities. Father Henry’s main problem was that he needed a pick-up truck for shopping etc. and was able to purchase a Toyota Landcruiser from the proceeds. He recently sent a letter expressing his sincere thanks to all those who so generously contributed.

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