Daughters of the Church — Lay Women Living in the World Consecrated to God

Founded in Vancouver, B.C. in 2001, we are a group of Catholic lay women each of whom has made a private vow of lifelong chastity to express total consecration to God.  We have discerned the calling to be consecrated women living singly in the world. We are in the process of forming a stable and continuing association in the Church.  We are not a religious congregation or order.  We place ourselves under the authority of our Archbishop and our spiritual director in order to grow with and in the Church, in fidelity to the Magisterium.

Our charism is to love God and neighbour purely and single heartedly in the midst of the world and in the heart of the Church.  We are a hidden leaven of consecration and prayer life within the Church.  We welcome women 30 years and older (single, widowed, annulled marriage).

Currently we have a community of 7 women.  Two of our earlier members have passed away.  One earlier member has become a cloistered oblate of St. Benedict in the Abbey of St. Walburga, Virginia Dale, Colorado.  In addition to our 7 community members, there are another 8 women who are Daughters of the Church Associates and who have a taken a private vow.  They live their consecration on their own.

Our community meets monthly at:

  • St. Pius X Church on the first Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • St. Pius X Church is located at 1150 Mount Seymour Rd., North Vancouver.

Our spiritual director is Father John Horgan — contact: St. Pius X at 604-929-1404, or father.john.horgan@shaw.ca

Our coordinator is Patricia Ballard — contact: pattibee@shaw.ca

As a community we:

  • Gather for the celebration of Mass and prayer
  • Continue our religious education and spiritual formation
  • Share with one another and support each other in living out our apostolic life
  • Welcome and accompany other women who are called to this vocation
  • Share a fraternal meal

Spiritual Affiliation in Prayer:

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