A Natural Method of Achieving or Avoiding Pregnancy 



  • Safe – no known medical side-effects
  • Reliable – based on years of research
  • Natural – cooperates with couple’s natural fertility process
  • Versatile – used for many reproductive categories including regular/irregular cycles, infertility, breastfeeding, premenopause, PCOS, etc.
  • Tailor-Made – Individualized and in-depth instruction provided by a trained FertilityCare Practitioner
  • Backed by the medical model of NaProTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) – a new women’s health science with Consultants that are specially trained to use the Creighton charts to identify and treat underlying causes of infertility and a variety of gynecologic conditions.
  • Used to monitor, maintain and restore procreative and gynecological health
  • Effective
  • Achieving Pregnancy: Among couples of normal fertility, conception occurs 76% of the time in the first cycle of using a defined day of fertility.
  • Avoiding Pregnancy: CrMS has a 96.8% use effectiveness.
  • Infertility: 20-40% of couples will achieve pregnancy with CrMS charting alone; up to 80% will conceive with additional cooperative medical assistance.
  • Miscarriage: Able to diagnose risk factors for miscarriage before one has occurred: 79% effective at helping women have a successful pregnancy after repetitive miscarriages.
  • Other: 95% success rate for treatment of PMS and for treatment of Postpartum depression

For more information and list of Local FertilityCare Practitioners see: Fertility Care Vancouver.

For update information on the Creighton method see: NaPro Technology.


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