Contact Information

  • Practice: You can reach Virginia at
  • Phone Number: 778 928 9900
  • Location: 4604 Walden St., Vancouver

Practice Details

  • Are you in private practice? Yes
  • Do you participate in any insurance plans? Yes
  • Do you offer sliding scale/reduced fee counselling? No
  • Telephone/Video counseling: Yes, available during this time to see clients on Face Time and Zoom.
  • Please list all languages that you speak: English, some French

What Kind of Clients Do You Work With

  • Clients interested in self knowledge and personal growth who are open to change.At this time my practice is comprised of people in their mid-twenties to seventy. All are looking for direction in their lives and want clarity re: their identity, gifts and values which in most cases extends to their personal relationships. All are open to a spiritual dimension to their lives.

Message from Therapist

At this time in my career I have found my counselling and spiritual direction training complimentary but I understand if a person chooses more particularly to address counselling issues exclusively.


Worked as a teacher in an aboriginal fishing village for one year.
Taught and counselled for seven years in an alternative school.
Spent seven years with the Ministry of Children and Families as both a Family Counsellor in a short term residential centre for teens and as a Childcare Counsellor with parents and children elementary school age.
Was employed as a teacher-counsellor at St. Patrick Secondary for 30 years working with teens in crisis.
While at St. Patrick’s I served as Counselling Dept. Head. I coordinated a Peer Counselling program for over twenty years. As a member of the Religion Department, I organized four pilgrimages: two to Mexico with the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit and two to New York which focussed on spiritual growth, service and social justice.
I completed two years with the Haden Institute in North Carolina including four internships at the Carmelite monastery at Niagara Falls; I attained a Certificate in Spiritual Direction.
I am married with three adult children and two grandchildren. My background is Franco-American.
I have completed the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Credentials, Training, Qualifications

  • Bachelor in English
  • Master of Education in Counselling Psychology, U.B.C.
  • Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Haden Institute


I have an expertise in Narrative therapy, Person-centered therapy and Gestalt therapy with a particular focus on “Dream Work.” I also have expertise facilitating spiritual growth while addressing counselling issues.

Counselling Methods Used

I believe in active listening and empowering the counselee. I approach counselees with unconditional positive regard, specifically a non-judgmental attitude. I think it is important to challenge the dominant narrative, the set of assumptions about an issue that have become so ingrained that they appear to represent “reality.”

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