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  • Are you in private practice? Yes
  • Do you participate in any insurance plans? No
  • Do you offer sliding scale/reduced fee counselling? Yes
  • Telephone/Video counseling: No
  • Please list all languages that you speak: English

What Kind of Clients Do You Work With

  • Adult Individuals & Couples

Message from Therapist

Private practice in Burnaby working with adult individuals & couples seeking to heal from experiences that are negatively affecting them in daily life and preventing them to move freely and embrace what God intends for them in their individual lives or marriages. Use integrative counselling approach which includes both experiential and cognitive methods.


Margaret Ross is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. She graduated from Trinity Western University with a Masters in Counselling Psychology, and has been seeing clients for close to 10 years. She began her private practice in 2011. She has taken further training in Existential Analysis (experiential psychotherapy) and in Observed Experiential Integration (trauma therapy) along with continuing education courses specific to her practice, including some in neuroscience.

Margaret believes that it is helpful for clients to know that counselling is unique among the professions. Unlike other professionals, counsellors understand that the counsellor-client relationship is, in itself, therapeutic. The client must feel as comfortable as possible with his or her therapist to gain the most benefit. As such, she feels that it is important that the client knows not only her professional training, but something about her as a person. Margaret is in her fifties and returned to school in her forties to earn her counselling degree. She is a wife and mother of two adult children and have raised her children to see them move on to lead independent lives. She has suffered the loss of both her parents, her step-mom and her mother-in-law . As such, she very much understands grief. Many of her clients are comforted to know that she may be familiar with their life situation.

Margaret is a practicing Catholic and was professed as a Secular Franciscan in 2006. She believes that the Spirit moves in us and through us and God’s healing power is available to all that seek help. Please feel free to give her a call.

Credentials, Training, Qualifications


Anxiety; Healing from childhood trauma; Life Transitions; Grief; Relationship Issues

Counselling Methods Used

Existential Analysis; Solution-Focused; Trauma Counselling – Observed Experiential Integration

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