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The story of Blessed Edmund Rice, our Founder, has inspired generations of people across the world. Among the values that we cherish from his tradition are his generosity, his courage, his humanity, his love of God’s word in Scripture, his devotion to the Mother of God, his practical reaching out to the poor and oppressed, and his absolute trust in God’s providence.

The Joy of Brotherhood
For us Christian Brothers, community living is a central part of our identity. We live together the vowed life of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience in a way that is life-giving for us. We pray together to Jesus our Brother, and we share our cares and joys. As members of a community, we carry our gifts to others. We are enriched as the lives of others touch our own.

We experience the love of God in our lives
We meet God in our community prayer, and in our personal prayer and reflection. We experience the love and care of God in the ordinary and extraordinary events of our lives. Like Edmund, we trust ourselves to God’s providence.

We want to share our search for God and our experience
The search for God is an important element in the lives of many young people. Christian Brothers are travelling on this journey, and we want to accompany others on their search for a spiritual life.

We have a strong commitment to justice
Human rights advocacy is a new ministry of the Christian Brothers and reflects a new understanding of global mission. Right across the world, young people and children are the victims of injustice and poverty. Many are abused. All are in need of compassion, services and a safe place where they can speak of and about their situation. When Edmund Rice looked out the window in Waterford, he saw the children on the street; today he would see the children of the world.

Eco-justice is a new area if concern for us as we try to bring an awareness of our responsibilities as stewards of the world around us.

We are on the side of the poor and disadvantaged
Since the time of Blessed Edmund, the Brothers have directed their personnel and resources to educating the poor, and our school immersion projects have opened the eyes and hearts of students and teachers to the realities of poverty in such places as Africa, Latin America, the Philippines and India. Our justice offices throughout the world stand up for the rights of the oppressed.

We empower people through education
Education was the means Edmund Rice used to transform the children of his day. Since then, it has been the method of “helping people to help themselves.”

Interested in joining us as a Christian Brother?

We are seeking men who sense a call to live in prayerful community and who wish to minister
to those at the margins. Are you inspired to place your gifts, talents, and possessions to meet the needs of God’s people, especially the young? Brothers conduct missionary work around the world; give
material support to and teach migrant farm workers; minister at hospitals; with the homeless; offer services to refugees; serve in elementary and secondary schools, and colleges; are involved in Youth Ministry; provide education services for adults; and assist in parish and diocesan ministries. Are you called to serve others as an Edmund Rice Christian Brother?

Edmund Rice Prayer

O God, we thank you for the life of Edmund Rice. He opened his heart to Christ present in those oppressed by poverty and injustice. May we follow his example of faith and generosity. Grant us the courage and compassion of Edmund as we seek to live lives of love and service. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

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