CCH Testimony: Thomas

5 years ago, I was hit by a car as I crossed the street on my way to work. I didn’t know it, but that day, my life changed. I was ok, no broken bones, nothing damaged internally. However, what I didn’t know until several months later was while in the hospital, I managed to contract MSRA, an infection in my legs that left me quarantined from almost all of society. My only companions during this time were nurses covered from head to toe in plastic and face masks. My friends, gone. My work, gone. Honestly, I felt very much alone in this world. Then the infection turned for the worse, the pain was unbearable that I ended up on Morphine in order to just move my legs. Honestly, I laid in a hospital or in bed, and I cursed and swore at God and hated every moment of being alive. I blamed God for not just killing me, instead he had to torture me. I spent nights in tears cursing God and my heritage, I was raised as an traditional Italian Catholic. I remember those nights, cursing God and Jesus like they were yesterday. I remember I was in so much pain and being all alone I was sad and upset. Even today I still teary eyed thinking that I could have been full of so much hate for God and Jesus. 15 months later, my legs healed, finally, I was able to start looking for work again. I still felt bitter towards God for leaving me all alone in this world.

What changed? In the fall of 2012, I started to see the Catholics Come Home commercials on TV. At first I was not interested, I was not in the least bit curious about getting back to my Faith. Then at Christmas something ‘snapped’ I don’t know what it was, but I knew, I knew that I had to come back to God. I saw several of these ads on TV and inside something was stirring in my soul. In February I managed the courage to purchase the Catholics Coming Home digital book, and since then, I have not been able to put the Gospel down. First thing I did, I prayed for forgiveness at my foolishness for what happened after the car accident. I begged for mercy, I cried I was so ashamed and so sorry for bringing so much pain to God and Jesus. I pray every morning and every night, and when I can remember, mid-day as well. I have read the book Catholics Come Home, then I read “Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence” and that’s when everything lit up. I understood what Father Stan was trying to tell me all those years ago. I understood what and why the car accident. The pain and suffering. I will admit, I cried. I cried and begged for forgiveness for not understanding and being so foolish. My mother always said that I had to learn the hard way, and she was not kidding! Now, I am delighting in the writing of “Swear to God: The Promise of Power of the Sacraments”.

After several months of wrestling with my anxiety, my shyness, Finally after over 25 years of absence, I went to a mass at The Holy Spirit Catholic Church of New Westminster. The sheer exhilaration of once again setting on a pew, hearing the sound of the wood, smelling the church and most importantly, the feeling that right here, right now, I was in the House of God, I was finally, home again.

Now you know my story. It was your ads that made all the difference. I think if they had not been there, I probably would have continued to drift and disappear.

Thomas, New Westminster, BC

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