Catholics Come Home Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Catholics Come Home® all about?

Catholics Come Home® is an exciting opportunity to reach out to others with the message of the Catholic faith and be spiritually renewed in the process. Through a partnership with the Archdiocese of Vancouver, CCH commercials will air on major TV networks in the Vancouver and Victoria areas, at strategically selected times, between Dec. 13, 2012, and Jan. 20, 2013.

How many Catholics do we need to reach out to?

There are 478,000 Catholics in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, but only around 100,000 attend Mass every week. We want to invite every Catholic who is not currently practicing the faith to “come home” to Christ and His Church.

Why TV ads, rather than other media such as the Internet?

CCH uses both inspiring TV commercials and an interactive website. Here are a few reasons why we use television to invite our brothers and sisters home to the Catholic Church:

  • The average person watches more than four hours of television each day.
  • A 2006 study shows that students recalled two-minute ads better than a full length news story.
  • No other single advertising medium has the reach and impact of television, combined with the fulfillment of the Internet.

How much is this campaign costing and where is the money coming from?

The Archdiocese has been blessed with a sizeable private donation that was made for this purpose and is offsetting much of the cost. The remainder, approximately $400,000, is being paid for by donations from parishioners who contribute to the initiative.

Where does the money go?

Most of it goes directly to the TV stations that are running the ads. About seven per cent goes to CCH for administration and for production costs related to local content produced for the Vancouver campaign.

How much of the advertising will be in another language than English?

A small percentage of the ad campaign features Cantonese and Mandarin commercials that will air on Chinese television in the Vancouver area. Most of the initiative consists of English ads on English TV.

Why was an American organization chosen for this project?

Catholics Come Home® is the only organization doing an initiative of this type. CCH has received prestigious awards for creativity and excellence in creating powerful television commercials and an interactive Web site. It has also been recognized for its leadership and best practices in using media to further the Catholic evangelization effort around the world, and for its fortitude in spreading the truth and fullness of the Catholic faith. The messages of the TV ads are universal in nature.

Does the initiative rely only on TV commercials?

No. The commercials are just a starting point. Together with the CCH website which directs people to their local parish, the more important work is our inviting and welcoming home our brothers and sisters who have drifted away. We’ll do this in the parishes, where initiatives are in the works to assist people who return.

Are we planning to reach out beyond the parishes?

Our hope, and the experience elsewhere, is that the CCH initiative will result in an overall increased awareness of evangelization in general. Pope John Paul II continually exhorted the Church to begin a “new evangelization.” He realized that the old methods from the past needed refreshing, stating, “This vital field of action for the Church requires a radical change of mentality, an authentic new awakening of conscience in everyone. New methods are needed, as are new expressions and new courage.”

Are there benefits to practicing Catholics as well?

Absolutely. Pope Paul VI called evangelization the “grace and vocation proper to the Church, our deepest identity.” Wherever CCH has been used, a widespread rediscovery by the faithful of the universal call to evangelize has been one of the lasting fruits of the Catholics Come Home® campaign.

Does this have anything to do with the Church’s Year of Faith that began in October?

Yes. Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed the Year of Faith to give fresh energy to the Church’s mission of leading human beings out of the wilderness in which they often find themselves, and toward the friendship with Christ that gives us life in fullness.

Catholics Come Home offers a powerful way to take advantage of this moment of grace and commitment for an ever-fuller conversion to God, to strengthen our faith in him and to proclaim him with joy to the people of our time.

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