Bishop Gary Gordon, the CCCB’s Correctional Ministry Liaison in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Vancouver and other dioceses across Canada, are working to identify a cross-Canada community of Catholics called to be in service to those touched by crime.

This ministry can take many forms: visiting a prison, supporting released offenders directly or indirectly with re-integration, or providing outreach to families and victims impacted by crime. The goal is to celebrate any effort that tries to further a spirit of dignity, compassion and hope in the Justice System.

If you would like to work to contribute to that effort, or simply find out more information, you can join the Restorative Justice Network in Canada by signing up at to become a part of “Catholic Connections: A Restorative Justice Network in Canada.”

The network will allow us to start to work collaboratively and moving forward as a Catholic Community. No commitment is made upon registration.


A note from Most Rev. Gary M. Gordon.

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Catholic Charities Justice Services (CCJS) coordinator Maureen Donegan, at the Archdiocese of Vancouver, provides prison ministry programming in collaboration with Prison Chaplains for offenders in our prisons. Moreover, community integration groups and Circles of Support & Accountability (CoSA) are offered for released offenders who wish support from our Catholic volunteers as they integrate into our communities.

To learn more about Prison Ministry within the Archdiocese of Vancouver, visit our page.

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