Studying and living in Rome for the past two years has been a fascinating and greatly
enriching experience. During this time, I have been pursuing a Licence in Sacred
Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, or Biblicum for short. To better understand
the Old and New Testaments, we study the original texts (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek),
the cultural and historical context present at the time the books were written, as well as
various methods of interpretation. A highlight of my studies has been spending six months
in Jerusalem following courses in Hebrew, Old Testament, history, and archaeology at the
Hebrew University. Having the chance to visit the places I had read about so often in the
Bible was incredible and a great benefit to my studies.

While in Rome I live at the Canadian College with more than a dozen other priests from across
Canada, all taking different programs of study. This year, Fr. Paul Goo is also at the College and
studying spiritual theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Spending time with them has
helped me to learn more about the history of the Catholic Church in Canada as well as the current
realities – joys and challenges – in different regions. Living in Rome has also helped me to gain
a deeper appreciation of the global Church. As we learn together, we have the chance to share
experiences from back home.

Though living and studying in Rome has its challenges, particularly following classes in a different
language and spending time away from my home and parish ministry, I am extremely thankful for
the opportunity. I realize that my continuing education has been a significant investment for our
local Church and I am very appreciative for all the financial support, prayers, and encouragement
I have received from the people of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Catholics in Vancouver have a
strong desire to know their faith in greater depth. With my studies, I hope to act as a sort of bridge,
helping people to better understand and love the Scriptures so that we can all respond more fully to
God’s Word.

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