What’s wrong with Assisted SuicideFr-Robert-Spitzer

Fr. Spitzer, a Jesuit priest, philosopher, educator and world-class speaker, presented on why assisted-suicide is a fundamental justice issue – giving freedoms to one group that impose onerous burdens to die on other groups – the vulnerable, disabled, and the economically and socially marginalized.

View notes from his presentation:

Assisted suicide in palliative care

On September 27, 2016, Archbishop Miller wrote a letter to the Fraser Health Authority, expressing his concerns that it is considering forcing palliative care units to provide assisted suicide. Click here to read his full letter.

On August 11, 2016, Archbishop Miller wrote a letter, clarifying the Church’s position on assisted suicide, to all hospitals and Catholic health-care institutions within our Archdiocese. Click here to read his full letter.

Bill C-14: “Medical Assistance in Dying”

Friday, June 17, 2016 was a sad day for Canada when Bill C-14 – legalization of euthanasia/assisted suicide was passed in our country.

CCCB President, Most Rev. Douglas Crosby comments on the recent approval of Bill C-14 legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide:

“Declaring physician-assisted suicide a “right” is not true caring and not humane in the least. It is ultimately a false act of mercy, a distortion of kindness to our fellow man/woman.”

Read the full statement here.

Cardinal Collins also commented on the passing of Bill C-14:

“…their decisions have set our country down a path that leads not simply, and obviously, towards physical death for an increasing number of our fellow citizens, but towards a grim experience for everyone in our society of the coldness of spiritual death. That death is found in a loss of respect for the dignity of the human person, in a deadening pressure upon the vulnerable to be gone, and in an assault upon the sanctuary of conscience to be suffered by good individuals and institutions who seek only to heal.” Read more here.

Palliative-care-June_14_2016-webInterfaith Representatives Call for Improved Palliative Care across Canada

Representatives from various faith communities united to issue a joint call to Canada’s elected officials to support a robust, well-resourced, national palliative care strategy and to raise awareness of inadequacies in palliative care, particularly in the wake of the debate over Physician-Assisted Dying/Suicide. Read more.

Join the Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience

As legalization of euthanasia has put conscience protection in jeopardy for health care providers, we encourage you to join the Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience. To learn more, visit CanadiansforConscience.ca

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Interested in doing more? Sign the petition!

A petition calling for a national palliative care strategy is available at your local parish! Please consider signing it! You can also print out the petition here, sign it and mail postage-free to MP Mark Warawa, who is organizing the campaign.

Read about the Carter Decision and view videos

Resources and Materials

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

To educate parishioners on the Church’s teaching on End of Life issues, the CCCB has produced a campaign and special website.

This website has been created to give dioceses, parishes, movements, associations and families as well as individuals easy access to all the campaign materials.

A National Campaign for Palliative and Home Care: Against Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, download campaign brochure here pdf

Catholic Organization for Life and Family

Resources to download on euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Archdiocese of Vancouver: Life, Marriage and Family Office

Respect Life Office Church’s teaching on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

End of Life Decisions – Advance care planning documents and articles on ethical end of life decisions.

Helpful Links

Choice is an Illusion

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Answering Assisted Suicide

These videos from B.C.’s Advokate Life and Education Services do an amazing job responding to the principle arguments for assisted suicide. They’re short, convincing and suitable for church presentations. Please share them.


Letter to the premier

Archbishop’s assisted suicide letter to the premier

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